Long Distance Sex Toys

Long-distance sex toys, such as the powerful rumbly vibrations found in Lovehoney's collection, are a great way to enhance intimacy between partners who are physically apart. These toys come in many different shapes and sizes, including prostate massagers and wearable devices like panty vibrators, all designed to provide intense clitoral stimulation. All of these toys can be controlled remotely through a smartphone app or other wireless technology.

One of the most popular long-distance sex toy brands is Lovense, alongside Lovehoney. Their line of toys allows for two-way communication between partners, making it feel like you're right there with each other. The Lovense Lush 3 is a wearable vibrator that can be controlled via an app on your phone, providing a powerful rumbly vibrations for an interactive experience. It's perfect for solo play or incorporating into virtual sex sessions with a partner. Additionally, Lovense offers a prostate massager for those looking for a more targeted and intense experience.

Another popular toy from Lovense is the Max 2 & Nora combination. The Max 2 is a male masturbator that can be synced up with the Nora, which is a rabbit vibrator designed for women. When used together, these toys create an incredibly immersive experience that feels almost like real sex. Lovehoney also offers a similar product with their powerful rumbly vibrations in their prostate massager for men and clitoris vibrator for women.

If you're looking for something more hands-free, the Keon Sex Machine & Feel Stroker might be just what you need. This device simulates penetrative sex and can be controlled remotely using an app on your phone. It's perfect for people who want to experience the sensation of intercourse without having to do any work themselves. Additionally, you can enhance your pleasure with a clitoral vibrator or panty vibrator or try out the powerful rumbly vibrations of Lovense toys.

For those who prefer clitoral stimulation, there are plenty of options available as well. The We-Vibe Melt is a suction-based clitoral stimulator that can also be controlled remotely via an app on your phone. If you're looking for something even more discreet, the Satisfyer Pro Traveler is another great option. For long distance sex toys, you may want to consider the Lovense toys. And if you're looking for a panty vibrator, the We-Vibe Melt can also be worn discreetly.

Finally, if you're interested in long distance sex toys, the Lovehoney Bionic Bullet Vibrating Prostate Massager might be worth checking out. This toy features multiple vibration settings and can also be controlled remotely via an app on your phone. Additionally, if you're interested in a clitoral vibrator or panty vibrator, or want to try out some Lovense toys, there are a variety of options available on the Lovehoney website.

There are many different places to buy long-distance sex toys, including Lovehoney, SheVibe, and Babeland. These stores offer a wide variety of toys at different price points, such as panty vibrators and butt plugs, so you're sure to find something that fits your needs and budget. Additionally, some toys can be controlled through the Lovense app, and they also offer lubes we recommend for added pleasure.

Benefits of Using Long-Distance Sex Toys for Couples in Long-Distance Relationships

Long-distance relationships can be challenging, especially when it comes to physical intimacy. However, using long-distance sex toys such as vibrators from Lovehoney can offer a solution for couples who want to stay connected despite the physical distance. With the help of the Lovense Remote app, couples can control each other's pleasure from afar, making the experience more intimate and satisfying. Additionally, using lubes can enhance the experience even further and make it feel more realistic. In this section, we'll explore the benefits of using these long-distance sex toys in distance relationships.

Maintaining Intimacy Despite Physical Distance

One of the most significant advantages of using long-distance sex toys, such as vibrators from Lovehoney, is that they help couples maintain intimacy despite being miles apart. These toys, paired with lubes, allow partners to engage in sexual activities together even when they are not physically present with each other. With the help of the Lovense remote app, couples can control each other's pleasure and experience a sense of closeness. This can be especially helpful for couples who have been separated due to work or other commitments.

Bringing Pleasure and Excitement to Distance Relationships

Using long-distance sex toys such as vibrators can also bring pleasure and excitement to distance relationships. These toys come in various shapes and sizes, allowing couples to explore new sexual experiences together. They can add an element of surprise and anticipation to virtual encounters, especially when using remote-controlled toys from Lovehoney. Additionally, using lubes can enhance the experience and make it more fulfilling.

Pros of Using Long-Distance Sex Toys

There are several pros associated with using long-distance sex toys, such as vibrators from Lovehoney, in distance relationships. One significant advantage is partner control. With these devices and the use of lubes, both partners can control each other's pleasure remotely through the Lovense app, creating a sense of shared experience even from afar.

Another pros of distance toys is the ability to explore new sexual experiences together. Couples can use vibrators from Lovehoney as a way to experiment with different types of stimulation or try out new positions without having to be physically present with each other.

Enhancing Communication and Trust Between Partners

Finally, using remote-controlled sex toys such as vibrators from Lovehoney and the Lovense app can enhance communication and trust between partners in distance relationships. By engaging in intimate acts virtually, couples must communicate their desires clearly and effectively through the remote control, which fosters open communication channels between them.

Moreover, trusting your partner with remote access to your Lovehoney vibrator or other long distance sex toys requires a high level of trust between partners that strengthens their relationship bonds even further. With the ability to control the pleasure device from afar, couples can explore new realms of intimacy and even incorporate it into their oral sex play.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Long-Distance Sex Toys

Vibration Settings

When selecting a long-distance sex toy, one of the most critical factors to consider is the vibration settings. It's crucial to choose a vibrator that offers a range of vibration speeds and patterns to cater to your needs. Some toys, such as Lovehoney and Lovense, come with multiple vibration options, while others have customizable settings that allow you to create your unique patterns. It's also essential to choose a toy made of silicone for maximum comfort and pleasure.

Customization and Personalization

Another crucial factor to consider when selecting a long-distance sex toy is customization and personalization. The ability to customize your experience based on your preferences can enhance pleasure during solo play or with a partner. Some toys, like the Lovehoney vibrator, come with apps that can be downloaded onto smartphones or tablets, allowing users to control various functions such as speed, intensity, and pattern remotely. The LoVense toy offers virtual reality experiences that make you feel like you're in the same room as your partner. It's also important to choose a toy made of body-safe materials like silicone for maximum comfort and safety.

Strong and Reliable Vibe Vector

A strong and reliable vibe vector is another critical aspect when choosing the best long-distance sex toy. This feature determines how well vibrations are transmitted through the device, which affects overall pleasure levels. A quality vibe vector ensures that vibrations are consistent across all parts of the device for maximum stimulation. Whether you're looking for a vibrator from Lovehoney or a silicone toy from Lovense, a good vibe vector is essential for optimal pleasure.

Battery Life

Long battery life is essential when selecting the best vibrator for uninterrupted pleasure during solo play or with a partner. It can be frustrating when the batteries die in the middle of an intimate moment, so choosing a lovense or lovehoney device with rechargeable batteries that can last up to several hours is crucial. Whether you're looking for the best vibrator on the market or a reliable toy for your needs, long battery life is a must-have feature.


Finally, when selecting a long-distance sex toy, it is crucial to consider compatibility with different devices and platforms such as smartphones, tablets or computers without any connectivity issues. It's also important to ensure that the vibrator works seamlessly with your partner, whether you're using a Lovehoney or Lovense device.

List of Long-Distance Sex Toys for Couples to Try

Couples all around the world have been dealing with long-distance relationships for years. However, with technology advancements, it has become easier to stay connected and intimate even when miles apart. Long-distance sex toys are a great way to keep the spark alive in your relationship and experience pleasure together no matter where you are. If you're looking for the best long-distance sex toys for couples, Lovehoney, Lovense vibrators are great options to try with your partner.

Couples Vibrator: A Popular Choice for Distance Couples

One of the best and most popular long-distance sex toys to play with is a couples vibrator. The Lovense Lush 2 from Lovehoney is a great option as it can be controlled remotely through an app on your phone, allowing you or your partner to control the intensity and vibration patterns from afar. This toy is designed to fit comfortably during intercourse and provides stimulation for both partners.

Cock Ring: A Great Option for Enhancing Pleasure for Both Partners

A long distance sex toy that couples can enjoy is a vibrator, such as the Lovehoney Desire Luxury Rechargeable Remote Control Love Egg. With the ability to be controlled by a partner through the Lovense app, this egg-shaped vibrator offers intense stimulation for both partners. Made from body-safe silicone, it's perfect for those looking to enhance their pleasure from afar. Another option is the OhMiBod Fuse Cock Ring, which features dual motors and can also be controlled remotely through an app.

Fuse Couple Set: A Versatile and Customizable Toy for Any Couple

The Kiiroo Fuse Couple Set is the best long-distance sex toy for partners who want to connect from anywhere in the world. It includes two devices - one male masturbator and one female vibrator - that can be synced up using Bluetooth technology, making it perfect for couples who lovehoney each other from afar. With the addition of lovense technology, the vibrations on each device will match up with each other, providing a truly unique experience.

Pair of Toys: Perfect for Syncing Up with Your Partner from Afar

For couples who want more options, the best long-distance sex toys are available at Lovehoney and designed specifically to sync up with each other. For example, the Lovense Nora Rabbit Vibrator can be paired with the Lovense Max Masturbator so that the vibration patterns and intensity match up perfectly. Both toys can be controlled remotely through an app, allowing you and your partner to experiment with different levels of pleasure.

Top Picks for Long-Distance Sex Toys Based on User Reviews and Ratings

Why Trust Us

Choosing the best vibrator can be overwhelming. That's why we've compiled a list of top picks based on user reviews and ratings, including Lovehoney's app-controlled options. We understand that everyone has different preferences, so we made sure to include a variety of Lovehoney vibrators for you to choose from.

Powerful Rumbly Vibrations Make Kiiroo Titan the Best Choice for Couples

The Kiiroo Titan is the best male vibrator for couples in long-distance relationships. This lovehoney masturbator features powerful rumbly vibrations that can be controlled remotely by your partner using the Kiiroo app or the lovense app. Reviewers rave about the realistic feel of the sleeve and how easy it is to clean. Plus, with its sleek design and discreet packaging, the Titan can easily blend in with your other tech gadgets.

Vibe App-Controlled Toys are Top-Rated for Long-Distance Play

If you're looking for the best app-controlled toys for you and your partner, Vibe is a great option. Their line of toys includes everything from bullet vibrators to prostate massagers that can be controlled by an app like Lovense or Lovehoney. Reviewers love how easy it is to use and how responsive the toys are to touch or sound. Plus, with their long battery life and compact size, Vibe toys are perfect for travel.

Reviewers Rave About the Best New Menswear Items from Kiiroo

Kiiroo and Lovehoney are the best-known brands for their high-quality sex toys; they also offer a range of men's wear items designed specifically with pleasure and partner control in mind. From their stylish t-shirts to their comfortable boxer briefs, reviewers rave about how well-made and comfortable these items are. And with discreet shipping, you won't have to worry about anyone knowing what's inside your package.

Where to Buy the Edge 2

If you're interested in trying out the best prostate massager for long distance play with your partner, you can purchase the Edge 2 from Lovense directly on their website or through retailers like Lovehoney. This prostate massager features dual motors and can be controlled remotely using the Lovense app. Reviewers love how comfortable it is to wear and how easy it is to clean.

Where to Buy Max 2 & Nora

Max 2 and Nora are available for purchase on the Lovense website or through retailers like Amazon and Lovehoney. These toys are designed for couples in long-distance relationships, with Max 2 being the best male masturbator for partner play and Nora being the best rabbit vibrator for partner play. Both toys can be controlled remotely using the Lovense app, allowing you to share intimate moments no matter where you are in the world.

Features to Look for When Shopping for Long-Distance Sex Toys

There is one key feature that buyers should consider before making a purchase - the control. Having the ability to control your device with an app can make all the difference in terms of comfort, pleasure, and ease of use. It's important to look for the best app-controlled device to ensure maximum convenience. Here are some other key features to keep in mind:

Multiple Vibration Modes and Different Speeds

One of the best things to look for when shopping for long-distance sex toys is multiple vibration modes and different speeds that can be controlled through an app. This allows users to cater to their individual preferences and experiment with different sensations while their partner can also have control over the toy. Some of the best models even offer customizable patterns, which can be a fun way for both partners to explore new forms of pleasure.

Comfortable Fit

Another important consideration is finding the best long-distance sex toy for you and your partner. It should have a comfortable fit and be secure during use, without causing any discomfort or irritation. Many long-distance sex toys come with adjustable straps or other mechanisms that allow users to customize the fit according to their body type. Additionally, having control over the toy's settings can enhance the experience for both partners. So, find the one that suits you and your partner's needs and preferences.

Waterproof Capabilities

For those looking for the best toy to bring into the shower or bath, waterproof capabilities are a must-have feature. This not only makes cleaning easier but also expands where and how you can use your toy. If you want to share the experience with your partner, look for one that allows for easy control.

Spot Stimulation

Some of the best long-distance sex toys offer one app for control of various settings and patterns, including spot stimulation, which can enhance pleasure for both partners. This feature targets specific areas on the body for maximum satisfaction.

Magnetic Clip

A magnetic clip is one of the best features that some long-distance sex toys offer. It can be attached to clothing for hands-free use during solo play or partner play sessions, and with the control app, it becomes even more convenient to use. Plus, it's all in one package!

Safe Material

Buyers should also consider the material of the best toy they choose since it will come into contact with sensitive areas of their bodies and their partner's. Ensuring that it's made from safe materials such as silicone or medical-grade plastic will help prevent any potential health issues. Additionally, having control over the toy through an app can enhance the overall experience.

Options Available at Walmart

Walmart offers the best extensive range of options for users to explore. The Onyx+ & Pearl 3 set, which is app-enabled, is one of the best options available. Users can partner with the app to control and customize the device according to their preferences.

How to Use Long-Distance Sex Toys Effectively and Safely

Reading the instructions carefully is crucial

Before using any long-distance sex toy, it's essential to read the instructions thoroughly. Every toy has different features and specifications that require specific handling. Neglecting the instructions can lead to mishandling of the device, which could result in injury or damage. Moreover, reading the manual gives you an understanding of how to use the toy effectively and control it from one location to another. It's best to use the toy with your partner to maximize the pleasure and enhance the experience.

Charge your toy fully before use

Long-distance sex toys are designed for uninterrupted pleasure, but that doesn't mean they won't run out of charge during playtime. Therefore, it's essential to ensure that your device is fully charged before use to avoid interruptions when you're in the middle of a steamy session with your partner. One of the best ways to control your device's battery life is by charging it regularly.

Use a secure and private internet connection

Long-distance sex toys are best controlled through an app on your smartphone or tablet connected to the internet, allowing you and your partner to enjoy intimate moments from afar. However, connecting to public Wi-Fi networks exposes you to privacy breaches and hacking risks. To avoid such occurrences, always use a secure and private internet connection when controlling your sex toy remotely.

Communicate with your partner about boundaries and preferences

Communication is the best key when using long-distance sex toys with partners who are miles away from each other. Discussing boundaries and preferences ensures that both parties have one enjoyable experience without crossing any lines. Control also helps create trust between partners as they explore their sexual desires virtually.

How do you best control a long-distance sex toy with an app and engage with your partner?

Using a long-distance sex toy with an app requires downloading and installing its compatible application on your smartphone or tablet. Once installed, connect the device via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi network as directed by its instruction manual. After successful pairing, follow prompts on the app interface to control various functions such as vibration patterns or mode selection. To involve your partner, simply share the app access with them and enjoy the experience together.

How does Keon Sex Machine & Feel Stroker work together?

The Keon Sex Machine and Feel Stroker work together with their respective apps, synchronizing their movements through Bluetooth technology to provide a realistic sexual experience. Whether you're using the devices alone or with a partner, the Keon Sex Machine delivers thrusting motions while the Feel Stroker simulates vaginal or anal stimulation. And even if you're in a long distance relationship, these two devices can still work together to keep the passion alive.

How does Onyx+ & Pearl 3 work together?

Onyx+ and Pearl 3 are long-distance sex toys designed for couples who want to enjoy intimacy from miles away. Onyx+ is a male masturbator that simulates penile stimulation, while Pearl 3 is a G-spot vibrator designed for women. These devices synchronize their movements through Bluetooth technology, allowing partners to control each other's pleasure remotely.

How does Max 2 & Nora work together?

Max 2 and Nora are long-distance sex toys designed for male and female pleasure, respectively. Max 2 is a male masturbator that simulates vaginal or anal penetration, while Nora is a rabbit vibrator that stimulates the clitoris and G-spot simultaneously. These devices sync their movements via Bluetooth technology enabled by their respective apps, creating an immersive sexual experience for both partners.

Keeping the Spark Alive in Your Long-Distance Relationship with Long-Distance Sex Toys

Long-distance relationships can be challenging, and it takes a lot of effort to keep the spark alive. Fortunately, long-distance sex toys can help you and your partner stay connected and intimate despite the distance.

Using long-distance sex toys has many benefits for couples in long-distance relationships. It allows you to share intimate moments with your partner even when you're miles apart. With these toys, you can explore each other's bodies and fulfill each other's sexual desires without being physically present.

However, choosing the best long-distance sex toy for you and your partner can be overwhelming. There are many factors to consider, such as functionality, connectivity, and compatibility with your partner's device. When shopping for these toys, look for features like remote control options, app connectivity, and compatibility with different devices that your partner may have.

There are also many types of long-distance sex toys available on the market that couples can try out together with their partner. Some popular options include vibrating panties, interactive dildos, and app-controlled vibrators.

Based on user reviews and ratings, some top picks for long-distance sex toys include Lovense Lush 2 Vibrator, We-Vibe Sync Couples Vibrator, Kiiroo Onyx+ Male Masturbator & Pearl2 Couple Set.

When using these toys effectively and safely for long distance play, it is essential to consider features like waterproofing capabilities and proper cleaning methods. Always follow the manufacturer's instructions carefully to avoid any accidents or injuries.