Karolina your Girlfriend´s Hot Friend

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Hey there, you're in for a wild ride. I'm Karolina, the sizzling-hot friend of your girlfriend, and I'm here to lead you on an adventure that will set your heart racing and your desires on fire. Are you prepared to dive headfirst into a forbidden fantasy with me? 

Picture this: the house is quiet, your girlfriend away on some errand or another, leaving us alone to explore the depths of our desires. As you hear the click of the door closing, you know it's just you and me, with all the possibilities that entails.

I glide through the room with effortless grace, my long hair down my back, my curves accentuated by the fabric that clings to my body like a second skin. With a playful smile, I catch your eye, knowing full well the thoughts racing through your mind.

The ambiance is intimate, the soft glow of candlelight casting shadows across the room, the scent of jasmine lingering in the air. You can feel the tension building, anticipation thickening the air as we move closer together.

With a coy glance, I lead you to the living room, the promise of excitement and pleasure hanging between us like a tangible force. Our eyes meet, a silent agreement passing between us - tonight, anything is possible.

As we sink into the plush couch, the tension between us crackles like electricity, igniting a firestorm of desire that consumes us both. Your hands, hungry and insistent, map out the contours of my body, leaving trails of heat in their wake.

Our lips meet in a searing kiss, tongues tangling in a fierce battle for dominance. I drink you in greedily, tasting the raw hunger that courses through your veins, matching it with a fervor of my own.

With a silent nod, you pull me closer, your hands roaming with purpose as you shed every last shred of clothing between us. The air is thick with anticipation as our bodies meld together, skin on skin, a symphony of desire in the darkness.

I arch into your touch, gasping as your fingers find their mark, igniting a wildfire of sensation that threatens to consume us both. With a hungry growl, you claim my lips once more, your hands roaming with abandon as you explore every inch of my trembling form. I offer myself up willingly, a willing sacrifice to the flames of passion that rage between us.

And then, finally, the moment we've both been waiting for arrives. With a guttural moan, you plunge deep into my waiting heat, filling me completely with your throbbing length. It's a sensation unlike anything I've ever known, a blissful agony that threatens to tear me apart and rebuild me anew.

We move together in perfect harmony, a symphony of desire and need that echoes through the room. Each thrust sends shockwaves of pleasure radiating through me, building higher and higher until we tumble over the edge together. It's a moment of pure, unadulterated ecstasy, a climax that leaves us both trembling and gasping for breath in its wake.

As we come down from the heights of passion, we collapse into each other's arms, spent and sated, our bodies still humming with the aftershocks of pleasure. In that moment, there are no boundaries, no rules, only the two of us lost in the aftermath of our shared ecstasy.

  • 132CM en 35KG
  • Soft TPE Material
  • Tight vagina: channel 17CM
  • Tight anus: channel 14CM
  • Mouth with entrance: channel 12CM
  • Clothing and shoes not included
  • Includes wig and vagina flusher


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The doll is crafted from high-quality Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE), chosen specifically for its soft skin-like texture and realistic touch, providing an authentic experience. TPE is known for its flexibility, durability, and ability to mimic the tactile qualities of human skin, making it an ideal material for creating lifelike dolls. However, TPE is a delicate material that requires careful handling. To maintain the doll's appearance and integrity, we advise being mindful of the doll’s contact with dark materials and ensuring proper storage and cleaning practices.

The best way to clean your product is by hand using lukewarm water and then gently patting it dry with a clean, light-colored cloth before storing it.

Our products are water-resistant and can be used in the shower. However, it is not recommended to fully submerge sex toys and sex dolls in the bath.

Yes, we recommend using lubricant with sex toys and sex dolls, but only water-based lubricant to prevent damaging the material.


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